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Welcome To Cannafornia Farms 360 Tour

Nestled in the heart of Monterey County lies the Salinas Valley; an agricultural paradise of fertile soil and salty air. As “The Salad Bowl” of the world, the region is responsible for over 70% of the country’s lettuce crops. Its abundant sunshine and temperate sea breeze make it the perfect micro-climate for growing – and it’s why we chose to plant Cannafornia roots here.

State Of Art Greenhouse

From seed to flower, the entire Cannafornia production process is handled in-house. Water is the only outside element, so there is virtually no risk of contamination. The result? Top shelf, pesticide-free OG cannabis.

Glass Greenhouse

Cannafornia glass greenhouse harness the power of the sun, provide a warm climate and protect plants from harsh environmental conditions. It also allows for year-round cultivation, climate control, and controlled exposure to sunlight. This also makes operation cost-effective – which means we can pass those savings on to you.

Mother Cannabis Plants

Mother plants are needed in the cloning process – we take cuttings off of to create clones. The clones are genetically identical cuttings that can then be planted to grow into a new cannabis plant. Mother plants stay in the vegetative stage as clones are repeatedly clipped from them.

Teen Cannabis Plants

In this greenhouse we grow cannabis teens. Teens are plants that have been growing in a 1 gal pot for a period of time and have reached 18-24 inches in height. We use teens to grow our harvest and to supply growers who are looking to reduce their vegetative period and are looking for plants that are incredibly well established.


Here Cannafornia is cultivating high-quality clones for our internal process and growers across California. Our years of experience allow us to bring consistently premium clones from both popular and emerging genetic lines that will perform well in a variety of settings. We take pride in our work and continually adapt our process and selection to meet the diverse needs of consumers.